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Hermeneutic Pedagogy: teaching and learning on dialogue and interpretation

By Gregory V. Loewen

2012 | Old Moon Academic Press (external site)
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Language: English

Suggesting that the dynamic of the interpretive circle is always pedagogic, Loewen argues that an authentic teaching and learning must eschew the more instrumental contexts of educational institutions and strive for a transformative experience which is hermeneutic in character. Instead of praxis developing itself within the form of custom or habit as if it were merely a discursive extension of hexis and not a kind of knowing which overthrows much of what primary socialization has taught us, a critical and reflective praxis must act as a series of questions raised by the light of a new world. To think in this way is on the way to a practical wisdom that carries itself within the diversity of human experience, a phronesis that cannot be bestowed as a status that emanates from any institutional setting. Using philosophical analysis as well as extracts from student evaluations taken from eighteen years of university teaching, Hermeneutic Pedagogy is a unique look at the process of thinking within an educational system that more often seeks a rigid practicality divorced from the rich insights of both the day to day and from historical consciousness.