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Rethinking the Curriculum - The epistle to the Romans as a pedagogic text

By Orlando Nang Kwok Ho

2018 | Springer (external site)
Copy Available: Yes

Language: English
Edition: 1
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-981-10-8901-5

  • Addresses the real problems and learning and developmental needs of real people, real teachers, and real leaders
  • Enhances our understanding of the educational concepts, framework, content and the pedagogical tactfulness of Paul as a teacher and thinker on life, values, epistemic thoughts, secularity, and spirituality education
  • Clarifies the conceptual and meta-framework differences and similarities between Paul's first generation of Greco-Roman teachers and learners and our contemporary understanding of and assumptions about spirituality and secularity
  • Equips readers to rethink and handle complex learning and teaching issues related to life, values and spirituality; and to rise above perplexing interpretative puzzles about The Epistle, when the text is resituated to its original intercultural, sociopolitical, and pedagogic contexts