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Radical experiment in dialogic pedagogy in higher education and its centauric failure: Chronotopic analysis

By Eugene Matusov

2013 | Nova Science Publishers
Copy Available: Yes

Language: English
Edition: 1
ISBN: 1622573625, 9781622573622

This book analyses a unique pedagogical experiment in Higher Education to explore innovative ways to teach a graduate seminar guided by Dialogic Pedagogy. There have been many books describing successful pedagogical innovations in higher education and beyond. In contrast, this book describes a certain type of pedagogical failure of the innovation that is arguably common in practice but rarely reported. This pedagogical failure is called a "Centauric Failure". Like the Centaur, who embodied two contrasting natures of half-human and half-beast, this pedagogical experiment was guided by humanistic and dialogic values, but also it caused pains to the participants. The in-depth analysis of events has pushed the boundaries of Dialogic Pedagogy based on the framework developed by Russian philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin toward the notion of agency in education.