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Vol 2 (2014) A paradigmatic disagreement in "Dialogue on Dialogic Pedagogy" by Eugene Matusov and Kiyotaka Miyazaki Abstract   PDF
Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Vol 2 (2014) A Response to Eugene and Kiyo’s Dialogue-Disagreement on Dialogic Pedagogy Abstract   PDF
Beth Ferholt
Vol 5 (2017) Aesthetics and the possibility of an anti-totalitarian communism: reading Bakhtin through the lens of Groys Abstract   PDF
Antonia Larraín
Vol 4 (2016) An individual subjectivist critique of the use of corpus linguistics to inform pedagogical materials Abstract   PDF
Kendall Richards, Nick Pilcher
Vol 1 (2013) An Integrated Theory of Thinking and Speaking that Draws on Vygotsky and Bakhtin/Vološinov Abstract   PDF
Wolff-Michael Roth
Vol 4 (2016) Applying Intersubjectivity for Professional Development Abstract   PDF
Uvaldina Montoya Janecek, Glenda Moss, Yolanda Graham, Paula Mason
Vol 3 (2015) Avoiding Dialogues of Non-discovery through Promoting Dialogues of Discovery Abstract   PDF
Kendall Richards, Nick Pilcher
Vol 3 (2015) Bakhtin for Preschool Teachers Abstract   PDF
Beth Ferholt
Vol 1 (2013) Bakhtinian pedagogy is needed in our postmodern world Abstract   PDF
Mikhail Gradovski
Vol 5 (2017) Bakhtin’s mystical organic holism and its consequences for education Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Vol 5 (2017) Between Groys and Gasparov Abstract   PDF
Alexander Zholkovsky
Vol 5 (2017) Between Stalin and Dionysus: Bakhtin's Theory of the Carnival Abstract   PDF
Boris Groys
Vol 6 (2018) Beyond equality and inequality in education: Bakhtinian dialogic ethics approach of human uniqueness to educational justice Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Vol 5 (2017) Boris Groys between Dialogue and Ideology, or Why It Is So Easy to Fall into the Trap of Fleeting Political Circumstances Abstract   PDF
Alexander Lobok
Vol 7 (2019) Bullying and interpersonal conflict from a “dialogic event” perspective Abstract   PDF
Mark Philip Smith
Vol 5 (2017) Carnevalesque Postmodern Provocations from Boris Groy’s Argument Abstract   PDF
Marek Tesar
Vol 3 (2015) Chronotopes in education: Conventional and dialogic Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov
Vol 4 (2016) Classroom community and discourse: How argumentation emerges during a Socratic circle Abstract   PDF
Alexis Carmela Brown
Vol 7 (2019) Collaborative, Multi-perspective Historical Writing: The Explanatory Power of a Dialogical Framework Abstract   PDF
Yifat Ben-David Kolikant, Sarah Pollack
Vol 5 (2017) Comment on Groys’ essay “Between Stalin and Dionysus: Bakhtin's Theory of the Carnival” Abstract   PDF
Kiyotaka Miyazaki
Vol 2 (2014) Commentary on Eugene and Kiyo’s dialogue on dialogic pedagogy Abstract   PDF
Rupert Wegerif
Vol 2 (2014) Concluding Commentary: Response to Eugene and Kiyo Abstract   PDF
E. Jayne White
Vol 8 (2020) Controversies and consensus in research on dialogic teaching and learning Abstract   PDF
Christa S. C. Asterhan, Christine Howe, Adam Lefstein, Eugene Matusov, Alina Reznitskaya
Vol 2 (2014) Developing a model of pedagogical content knowledge for secondary and post-secondary mathematics instruction Abstract   PDF
Shandy Hauk, Allison Toney, Billy Jackson, Reshmi Nair, Jenq-Jong Tsay
Vol 5 (2017) Dialogic & Critical Pedagogies: An Interview with Ira Shor Abstract   PDF
Ira Shor, Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, James Cresswell
Vol 3 (2015) Dialogic action in climate change discussions: An international study of high school students in China, New Zealand, Norway and the United States Abstract   PDF
Diana J. Arya, Jessica K. Parker
Vol 7 (2019) Dialogic analysis vs. discourse analysis of dialogic pedagogy: Social science research in the era of positivism and post-truth Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Tina Kullenberg, Kelly Curtis
Vol 1 (2013) Dialogic approaches to the study of subjectivity Abstract   PDF
Kathrin Otrel-Cass
Vol 7 (2019) Dialogic Discourse Analysis: A methodology for dealing with the classroom as a text Abstract   PDF
Atle Skaftun
Vol 4 (2016) Dialogic education for and from authorial agency Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov, Mark Smith, Elizabeth Soslau, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Katherine von Duyke
Vol 7 (2019) Dialogic Lessons and Triadic Relationship Among Pupils, Learning Topic, and Teacher Abstract   PDF
Kiyotaka Miyazaki
Vol 3 (2015) Dialogic Multicultural Education Theory and Praxis: Dialogue and the Problems of Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society Abstract   PDF
Nermine Abd Elkader
Vol 3 (2015) Dialogical Grammar: Varieties of Dialogue in Wittgenstein’s Methodology Abstract   PDF
Dorit Lemberger
Vol 2 (2014) Dialogue on Dialogic Pedagogy Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov, Kiyotaka Miyazaki
Vol 2 (2014) Dialogue on Dialogue on Dialogic Pedagogy Abstract   PDF
Paul Sullivan
Vol 2 (2014) Dialogue on ‘Dialogic Education’: Has Rupert gone over to ‘the Dark Side’? Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov, Rupert Wegerif
Vol 1 (2013) Dialogue-based teaching: The art museum as a learning space Abstract   PDF
Jeanette Clarkin-Phillips
Vol 4 (2016) Disengagement, Pedagogical Eros and (the undoing of?) Dialogic pedagogy Abstract   PDF
James Cresswell
Vol 1 (2013) DPJ Editorial: Launching the new journal Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Yifat Ben-David Kolikant
Vol 2 (2014) Education/obrazovanie as an experience of an encounter Abstract   PDF
Alexander Lobok
Vol 7 (2019) Emergence and Development of a Dialogic Whole-class Discussion Genre Abstract   PDF
Michael B Sherry
Vol 4 (2016) Emerging Dialogic Structures in Education Reform: An analysis of Urban Teachers’ Online Compositions Abstract   PDF
Trevor Thomas Stewart, George L. Boggs
Vol 7 (2019) Engaged Dialogic Pedagogy and the Tensions Teachers Face Abstract   PDF
T. Hunter Strickland
Vol 2 (2014) Epistemological Approaches to Dialogic Teaching in a Conventional Setting - Critical Review Abstract   PDF
Nermine Abd Elkader
Vol 2 (2014) Forced Choices: Role Play and the Problem of Disappearing Syntax Abstract   PDF
David Kellogg
Vol 2 (2014) Hip-Hop Hamlet: Hybrid Interpretive Discourse in a Suburban High School English Class Abstract   PDF
Joanna L. Anglin, Peter Smagorinsky
Vol 4 (2016) I thought you’d never become one of us Abstract   PDF
Charles Bisley
Vol 6 (2018) Ideological and real socialism of my Soviet childhood, schooling, and teaching: Multi-consciousness Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov
Vol 6 (2018) Ideological Becoming in Socialist and Post-Socialist Childhood and Schooling from a Dialogic Framework Abstract   PDF
Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Lei Chen, Marek Tesar
Vol 7 (2019) Initiation, Response, Follow-up and Beyond: Analyzing Dialogue Around Difficulty in a Tutorial Setting Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth L. Jaeger
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