We see book reviews as important pieces of critical scholarship, rather than just a summary of a book. It should include a critical evaluation of its most important points.

We wish to invite and encourage all members of DPJ to participate in the review of books that are relevant to our focus on dialogic pedagogy. Consistent with the dialogic principles that underpin DPJ we are committed to the promotion of diverse points of view and interpretations of published texts. This means that everyone who wants to review a book is able to apply.

We encourage critical and thoughtful analyses of the texts that you will review. Our emphasis here is on the content of the book, its relevance, and provocation to dialogic pedagogy, its point of view in response to yours, and your own interpretation and implications. Reviews should be grounded in style, meaning that statements should be supported by evidence or examples. The review should get readers interested in reading the book that is reviewed.

We discourage any personalized negative comments regarding the personal traits or personality of the author(s) in general. It is only the ideas the author(s) are promoting that should be the focus of your review. You may wish to complete your review with others or even by interviewing the author themselves – we welcome creative approaches to this process.

See the list of the offered books for review and/or suggest your own book.

At this moment, our new website does not support an automatic application for a review, but once you choose the book you would like to review, please email your request to the DPJ Book Review Editors: 

Dr. Silviane Barbato - Barbato@unb.br
Dr. Maria Beatrice Ligorio - bealigorio@hotmail.com
Dr. Rebecca English - r.english@qut.edu.au

In response, you will, in due course, receive an email from one of the Book Review Editors. If your request is accepted, you will have two months to complete your review. If you are not the first person* to review this book we ask that you take into consideration previous reviews that have been completed, and their responses (on the Home page of DPJ) in your writing. We would like to avoid having several reviews where the book is characterized in the same manner.

Once your review is complete you should submit it as a new article to the DP Journal, in the Book Review section. At that time, please update your profile as a DPJ member, by adding a short bio of yourself where you should indicate your theoretical interest in the Dialogue Pedagogy. If the review is accepted they will work with you to ensure it is published online within the subsequent two-month period.