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Dialogic Pedagogy Journal needs your help. The payday for our 2022-2023 DPJ web hosting by the University of Pittsburgh is coming soon - in September. We also need funds for other DPJ expenses, e.g., translating relevant texts from other languages, transcription of interviews, fees for legal representation of our non-profit organization, etc. 

For all our expenses in 2022-2023, we need to raise a minimum of $1,500 by August 15, 2022. Please HELP!

All our publications are completely free, and all our work is entirely voluntary! Dialogic Pedagogy Journal is a part of the Dialogic Pedagogy Society – which has a non-profit, tax-exempt status so that you can claim your donation tax-free in the USA.

The only sources of financial support for the Dialogic Pedagogy Journal are members like you. 

We are grateful for any amount you can afford now!

We urge you to become a monthly supporter by spreading your donation over the year. 

You can donate using major credit cards or PayPal. To become a monthly supporter, you can schedule recurring donations (that you can stop any time).

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Suggested individual donation: Any amount above $10 is good (less than $5 is “eaten” by the PayPal fees almost entirely): $10, $20, $50, $75, $100, $200, $500 or more. Our suggested individual donation is $50. You can use any major credit card if you do not have a PayPal account. 

Suggested institutional donation: Institutional donations are welcome through the “optional membership fee to the Professional Dialogic Pedagogy Society,” and we are happy to provide confirmation letters. The suggested institutional donation is $100.

If you can’t donate this time, please do not feel guilty. Contribute by submitting a research article, a book review, a theoretical essay, etc. Become a reviewer or a member of the DPJ Editorial Board. Write on the DPJ Facebook group, bring initiatives, and so on... and just wish us well.

If you have questions, suggestions, alerts about problems, concerns, or need an alternative way of donating, please let us know via email (


We wish all of us, DPJ-ers, happy and successful fundraising! And please stay safe,

Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane, Mikhail Gradovski and Olga Shugurova
Dialogic Pedagogy Journal Main Editors