Fruitful Inspiration: Fresh View on Bakhtinian Dialogism in Some Fields of the Humanities

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Vera Kirzhaeva
Elizaveta Maslova


A review of Matthias Freise (ed.), 2018., Inspired by Bakhtin: Dialogic Methods in the Humanities, Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2018.

This review provides an analysis of a collection of articles that demonstrate the possibilities of applying dialogic methods in various fields of the humanities. The authors of these articles show how Bakhtinian dialogism functions in the history and theory of literature, sociology and design, in the study of Platonic dialogues, the image of the Other in contemporary cinema and in the practice of psychoanalysis.

The reviewers emphasize that the book fits well with the Bakhtin Studies trend. The dialogical approach to the phenomena of human consciousness allows a new research paradigm that differs from the natural sciences. The emphasis should be placed on the internal relations among the objects of the humanities research. The latter should be considered as a form of dialogue and described within the framework of dialogic methods. Each of the authors gives their own answer to the questions formulated by M. Freise: “How can we define a dialogic method of research in the humanities in general, what would be the specific qualities of such a method?” As a result, reviewers believe, a convincing picture of the internal dialogism of the humanities is constructed in the book.

Despite the fact that special articles on the dialogic method in pedagogy are not included in the book, reviewers believe that the book will be useful for theorists and practitioners of education.

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Kirzhaeva, V., & Maslova, E. . (2021). Fruitful Inspiration: Fresh View on Bakhtinian Dialogism in Some Fields of the Humanities. Dialogic Pedagogy: A Journal for Studies of Dialogic Education, 9, R1–6.
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Vera Kirzhaeva, National Research Mordovia State University

Philology department

Professor of Russian

Elizaveta Maslova, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow

Elizaveta Maslova works as a university lecturer in Moscow. She holds a PhD degree, CELTA and FTBE. Her special interests include LCCI exams preparation and development of online courses, Bakhtin and contemporary US novel.


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