Bakhtin for Preschool Teachers

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Beth Ferholt


Book Review: White, E. J. (2015). Introducing dialogic pedagogy: Provocations for the early years: Routledge.

I am impressed by the depth of White’s understanding of Bakhtin’s work and by her innovated uses of Bakhtinian concepts such as answerability, becoming, aesthetics, authorship and polyphony. White’s book represents a very important effort to bring these concepts to early childhood education practitioners. In this review I discuss White’s ways of making these Bakhtinian concepts accessible to ECE teachers and I provide the necessary context for appreciating the significance of White’s contribution.

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Ferholt, B. (2015). Bakhtin for Preschool Teachers. Dialogic Pedagogy: A Journal for Studies of Dialogic Education, 3.
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Beth Ferholt, Brooklyn COllege, City University of New York

Beth Ferholt is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood and Art Education at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.  Her areas of research broadly stated are development, learning and imagination.  Her research builds upon the tradition of cultural-historical activity theories.  Consistent foci of her research include the methodological project of challenging the divide between method and object in conventional social science; playworlds; the concept of perezhivanie, which is useful in challenging divides between emotion and cognition, and individual and environment; and practices of early childhood education in which children are understood as culture and knowledge creators.