Comment on Groys’ essay “Between Stalin and Dionysus: Bakhtin's Theory of the Carnival”

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Kiyotaka Miyazaki


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Miyazaki, K. (2017). Comment on Groys’ essay “Between Stalin and Dionysus: Bakhtin’s Theory of the Carnival”. Dialogic Pedagogy: A Journal for Studies of Dialogic Education, 5.
Special Issue: Deconstructing Bakhtin, Carnival with Evil
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Kiyotaka Miyazaki, Waseda University, Saitama, Japan

Kiyotaka Miyazaki is a professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University, Japan. His research interest is to distill the views of dialogic learning from the knowledge of practice of Japanese teachers and to make them encounter with theories of dialogism such as Bakhtin, Gadamer and other dialogic pedagogies.